Payin’ it forward

Shelli over at Market My Words is running a truly amazing contest this week for unagented writers. The rules are simple. In order to enter, you have to “pay it forward” and recognize someone who’s helped you out in the writing journey. I have a bunch of people to thank, and I am 100% confident in saying that without these fabulous women, I would not be the writer I am today (and my manuscript would probably still kinda reek with the stench of rookie mistakes). So here we go!

First, my critique group: Kerry Cerra, Michelle Delisle, Kristina Miranda and Jill Mackenzie (who also happen to be the fabulous ladies behind Whatcha Reading Now?) I feel so blessed that they let me into their little circle and shared their collective wealth of knowledge with a publishing newbie like me. In only a few short months, they made my writing that much stronger. Thank you, ladies. I’m better because of you.
Second, a huge thank you to Susan Dennard, who is so generous with her time and is an all-around awesome person. (Also, you should go check out her blog. It’s a wealth of information!) I asked Susan a while back to help me with my query letter, which she transformed from something blah to something amazing, and then she offered to take a look at my manuscript. Susan did not one, but two, in-depth critiques of my full manuscript and helped me identify and fix the suspected problems. I look back at my pre-Susan drafts and cringe at some parts! I can’t thank you enough, Sooz!
Shelli’s contest ends today, but you still have four hours or so left to enter, so go check it out!
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  1. Shelli (srjohannes) says:

    thank goodness for our critique partners! good luck and thanks for paying it forward!

  2. Susan says:

    AWWWWW. I feel so very special, and you are so very welcome. You have an amazing story, and I'm SO GLAD I got to read it!

    Gosh, thank you so much — you've just made my whole week!!! 😀 😀

  3. Kerry O Cerra says:

    Great post, Mer. Can't wait to see you agented and published! Hugs!

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