And the winners are…..

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in last week’s Website Kickoff Extravaganza! I picked winners on Sunday and even made you a video to document the occasion. (Or if you’re impatient, you can just skip to the end of this post.)

Congratulations to: Kulsuma, who won a copy of SELF-EDITING FOR FICTION WRITERS (and, Kulsuma, I really do apologize if I completely butchered your name on the video); Alicia, who won the journal/bookmark/flower pen/gummy bears giveaway; Katharine, who won a critique from another Kat ;); Susan, who won the custom-made bookmarks; and Sophia, who won any book of her choosing from Amazon. I’ll be contacting the winners shortly.

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. I love the live name drawing. That was clever.

  2. Pam Harris says:

    Congrats to all the winners! 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    WOOOOOOO. THIS IS AWESOME!! <3 <3 Just made my day even better. 😀

  4. Susan says:

    Also, I LOVE your video and your Hello Kitty bucket. The Oscars would be WAY better if they had one.

  5. Sophia, like me? No way! Wow, now I need to narrow down my TBR pile to the one book I can’t live without. I hate choosing favourites but this is a great problem to have. Thanks so much, Meredith!
    Also, I yayed at the same time as you after you called Kulsuma’s name. Awesome.
    – Sophia.

  6. Kulsuma says:

    Yeah, thank you! 😀
    Congrats to the other winners!

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