Au revoir!

I had a big blog post planned for yesterday all about body image and YA, but then my daughter went and landed in the hospital with a bad case of croup and stridor less then 48 hours before we were supposed to leave for Europe. The trip went from certain to probable to doubtful, and there was much stress as my poor kid got treatment after treatment after treatment. Needless to say, the post is still sitting in a draft folder. But the good news is that my daughter made vast improvements overnight, and two pediatricians and a respiratory therapist all cleared all of us to travel. So we are off!

First stop!

Second stop!

We’re gone for a week+, so I’ll catch you when we get back! Have a lovely week, everyone!
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  1. Holly says:

    Have a great trip!! Hope the kiddo stays healthy and well. 🙂

  2. So glad you’re all healthy and ready to go!
    Bon Voyage! and Tally Ho!

  3. Connie says:

    So glad your daughter is better. (My daughter had so many battles with croup and stidor when she was little we got our own nebulizer, etc.) Have a great time!

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