It’s my anniversary! Let’s eat dessert for breakfast!

Four years ago

A couple months ago

I never would have thought it possible to love my husband more than I did on our wedding day, but every passing day he proves me wrong. Four wonderful years down, a lifetime still to go.

Alright, mushiness over, time for dessert!

One of my favorite magazines is Oxygen, which never ceases to kick my butt with its crazy workouts. The current issue has a recipe for something called the two-minute instant cupcake and promises to cure your sweet tooth. Yeah …. no. This thing in no way resembles a cupcake, nor does it satisfy any sweet tooth, but what it does do is make an easy, awesome, lo-cal, protein-filled breakfast with a little bit of chocolate thrown in for good measure.

Here’s what you need:

1 egg

1 tsp. cocoa powder

1/8 tsp. baking powder

2 Tbsp. milk

1 Tbsp. peanut butter (my favorite is the freshly ground stuff)

Put all ingredients in a coffee mug and beat together with a fork for a few seconds. Cover with paper towel and microwave for two minutes on high. Let cool and enjoy!

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7 Responses

  1. Holly says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. Aww, happy anniversary! Love the photos. 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures of you guys… too cute!

    I just made my hubby your breakfast cupcake to eat with his morning mocha. He’s already a fan. 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary! You’re still a gorgeous couple, but now there’s a little blonde gorgeous person too. Good deal. I’m gonna have to try that recipe, it sounds totally doable (even for me).

  5. Karen Strong says:

    Happy Anniversary. 🙂 Love it when I see couples more in love than on their wedding day.

    I love Oxygen magazine too. 🙂

  6. Susan says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!! (And thanks for the recipe! It looks very dorm-friendly…)

  7. Connie says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

    My daughter’s made that cupcake thingie as a late night snack.

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