NaNo Update: Week 3

Progress (word count or a general status update): Yeah, I’m not winning NaNo. I added maybe 2,000 words the entire week? I hit a point in every first draft where it becomes painfully obvious the story isn’t working (seriously, every. single. first. draft.), and I hit that point a bit earlier than normal this time around. It’s a stakes problem this time. They’re not nearly where they need to be. THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN is a fast-paced time travel thriller where the stakes keep going up and up and up every chapter. The sequel so far? Kind of ho-hum, not much urgency to the whole thing. This is clearly a problem and one I need to work out before I dig myself too deep. So this might be my last NaNo update, or I might try to puzzle through a few more things on paper. We shall see.

Current Mood: Busy? Can that count as a mood?

Goals as of Today: Boil my pretty detailed outline to the bare bones and figure out what the stakes really are, then multiply them by a factor of 10.

Recent Favorite NaNo-WiP Line: Pass. The words I did manage to get out last week are all really spoiler-y for stuff that happens in the first book, so let’s skip this.

Non-NaNo News (because life DOES go on): With each passing day comes the realization that I’m going to have a baby in a few short weeks, as well as the realization that I am woefully unprepared for this event. I spent the entire three-day weekend pulling boxes from the attic, organizing, cleaning, all that fun stuff. And I’m still not done.

In My Downtime (ha!) I’m Reading: How to Teach Physics to Your Dog. There are a few technical details of the world I’m trying to introduce in this book that fall beyond my limited knowledge of classical physics, so I’m reading up in the hopes I can grasp quantum physics enough to fake it.

You should read this blog post: 25 Ways to Unstick a Stuck Story By: Chuck Wendig Because: Chuck is awesome. If you haven’t been reading the 25 Ways series on his blog, you’re missing out.

How’s NaNo treating you? Or just life in general?

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  1. Holly Dodson says:

    I always hit that sticking point in my first drafts too. Good luck unsticking yours!

    • Meredith says:

      Yep, every time! And it’s never the same reason twice, so maybe I’m growing in that regard? The first book I ever wrote, I got stuck because I had no idea who the character was. The next book I wrote, I knew who the character was but got stuck because I didn’t know what my antagonist’s real motivation was. This book, I know the characters and the motivations, but it’s just not ENOUGH. Time to sit back and figure a way to crank the dial way up!

  2. Yay for baby! I bet you are so excited to meet your little sweet pea (and be done with being pregnant!). I’m impressed with the way you’re moving along with your story. I’d say you’ve got some very valid excuses for falling behind, but any new words you write are progress. So keep going, and keep updating!

    Oh, and thanks for the Twenty Five Ways… link. I haven’t read that series, but I’m about to!

  3. On a video I watched recently, I learned this thing that you might find useful. Don’t think about the words behind you, at least not right now. Don’t worry if they’re not showing the story you want. Look ahead of you and use those future words to shape your story to how it’s supposed to be. Then you can go back to those first words. 🙂

  4. It makes sense to focus on fixing the issue before writing more. Good luck! And yay for your baby almost being here! 🙂

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