The moment it all becomes real

So Wednesday I was out and about when an email came through on my phone from my agent, addressed to me and my editorial team, about receiving advances copies of THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN. And you guys, when I say I dropped everything I was doing and ran home, I seriously mean I dropped everything I was doing and ran home. And sure enough, there was a plain brown box waiting for me on my front stoop. I opened it, pulled out a copy, then had a myriad of emotional reactions.

Book reactions

I put the copy back in the box and took a picture to get the whole effect.

Hardcover box

And then the next day, a box of paperbacks arrived. I cleared out space on the bookshelves in my family room and lined them all up, like I’m a big name author with prime shelf space at the bookstore.


And then it all sunk in, for really the first time. I’d had blips of excitement in this process for sure—signing the publishing contract, getting a marked up copy of the manuscript from my editor, seeing the cover design, obtaining a blurb, checking over final interior layout—all crazy insane exciting. But holding a final copy of the book in my hands for the first time? That’s the stuff. That’s the real moment.

I am so lucky.

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  1. Jaime Morrow says:

    They look wonderful! Can’t wait to read this one. 🙂

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