Meet the Guardians: Indigo

We’re 3 days away from the release of THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN, which (as the name suggests) centers around a generation of eight time travelers employed by the US government. The Guardians travel through our history and tweak the past to improve the present. Enhancement, not alteration . . . or so they say . . . .

I hired an amazing artist named Liv to sketch pictures of the Guardians, and I’ll be posting one a day, each day before the launch! Be sure to check back each day for a chance to win an autographed hardcover of THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN and a $25 Amazon gift card!

Meet Indigo.


Code Name: Indigo.

Real name:  redacted

Age: 17

Position: Junior Guardian

Strengths: Always sees the best in people, first person to volunteer when a friend needs a hand.

Weaknesses: Can be too trusting, opens himself up to be hurt by others.

Quote from THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN: Indigo’s in the living room. He’s sitting on the brocade velvet sofa wearing a gray uniform of some sort. Two heavy black boots are propped up on the coffee table. There’s a rifle resting on the floor. Indigo’s popped off the bayonet and is polishing it with a rag. He stops and looks at me.

“Hey,” he says, as if it’s totally natural that he’s sitting there in a uniform that belongs in a museum, polishing a rifle.

“What are you, headed out for a Civil War reenactment?” I ask.

Indigo flashes a coy smile. “Minus the reenactment part, yes.”


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  1. Penny Jensen says:

    The artwork is amazing. I definitely pinned it and browsed his website. Wow, what a talent. Can’t wait to read “The Eighth Guardian”.

  2. bn100 says:

    Looks nice

  3. Susan says:

    Aaaah!!! He’s just as hot as I imagined him!!!

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