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Four years ago A couple months ago I never would have thought it possible to love my husband more than I did on our wedding day, but every passing day he proves me wrong. Four wonderful years down, a lifetime … Continue reading

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1. I’ve been slogging through the same book for nearly two weeks and I’m not even at the halfway point. Part of it is me being lazy and part of it is me having a hard time getting into it, … Continue reading

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Sorry for the radio silence this week. I’ve been making a real push to get all of my revisions finished up ASAP, and, well, it’s taken every spare bit of free time I’ve had. I know, excuses, excuses. Onward with … Continue reading

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I’m kicking off a new feature on the blog this week called Friday Faves. Basically just a round-up of my favorite things from the Internet and beyond. Blog posts, 365 pictures, links, hilarious YouTube videos, whatever else I’m dying to … Continue reading

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Today the lovelies at YA Highway are asking: What is your numero uno reason for writing? This is an easy one, friends. I have to. Yep, it’s as simple as that. I’ve always been a storyteller. Ever since I was … Continue reading

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Hi blog friends! I realized it’s been a while since I talked about things that are going on in my life, both professionally and personally, so I figured I’d take a quick second to do that and then you can … Continue reading

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