Slacker Chuck

My husband and I have taken to calling our daughter Chuck. I’m not sure why or how this started, but I think it might have come from an instance where my daughter was jamming out in her Jumperoo, and my husband said something like “Careful there, Jumper Chuck!” It made no sense whatsoever and therefore was awesome. Poor little kidlet has since been known as Stander Chuck, Walker Chuck, Eater Chuck, Pooper Chuck, Swinger Chuck, you name it. It’s been passed on to the dog as well. Pisser Chuck, Pouter Chuck, Whiner Chuck. That’s but a glimpse into the weird life of my family.

Anyhow, I stand before you, head hung, a Slacker Chuck. Two days ago, I promised you all a run-down of the SCBWI Florida conference, and I haven’t delivered. But in my defense, kidlet has been sick. Fever Chuck, let’s say.
But I’m typing up all of my notes, so we’ll be ready to do this thing tomorrow. I learned so, so much this weekend, and I’m really anxious to share it. Until then, Slacker Chuck out!
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