Project 365:Weeks 2 and 3

I am back from vacation! More about that tomorrow. For now, here are the latest two entries in my 365 Project. This first one was shot in London … somewhere. The trip is already running together in my mind. As for the picture, I kind of love how the glass of the lamp is warping the building behind it. And is it just me, or doesn’t it look like there’s a tiny magical seahorse living in the bottom of that lamp?

Week 3 was taken in Paris. It’s a picture of … another lamp post? DIVERSITY FAIL. And really, who goes to Paris and picks as their best picture a lamp post? But I’m really digging this picture. It has a studio feel to it, when really I snapped it outside in like a second whilst running to catch up with the group.*

*As for what group I was hanging out with in Paris, come back tomorrow. 😉

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  1. I see the seahorse! And I love the decoration on top of the lamp post.

  2. I see the seahorse too! You picked a great week to go to London, the UK had practically no sun during the summer and then at the end of September the sun finally came out.

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