Friday Faves — February 10

Favorite blog posts of the week: Sophia Richardson continued her Sex in YA series this week by talking about how strong female characters do not equal masculine characters. It’s a great read, here. And I really liked this post from POSSESSION author Elana Johnson on how to write better.

Favorite tubmlr of the week: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

Favorite picture of the week (aka Project 365 entry): I’m cheating. This is not from this week. It’s from … a few weeks ago? I don’t even remember. I forgot I even took it. But I downloaded it from my camera yesterday, so it totally counts for this week. It’s a tree stump.

Favorite moment of the week: So my husband and I do this thing where we try to figure out what the dog is thinking. We give him a voice and talk for him. I snapped this (IMO) totally hilarious picture of my dog lounging in the backyard and sent it to my husband.

And then the following email exchange took place.

Husband: I guess you don’t understand how a hunter works.  You lay motionless and wait for squirrel to violate the perimeter, then it’s pouncing time!

Me: He hasn’t moved in 40 minutes.

Husband: Dedication to my craft.  Just call me Gale, or Katniss since I don’t have any balls!

Me: This is why I married you.

And that’s the story of why we’ve been calling my dog Katniss for the past few days.

Least favorite moment of the week: I accidentally opened a rusty metal door right over my foot, and let me just tell you. Short of childbirth, this is the most painful thing I’ve endured in the past few years. The dumping of alcohol on top of the wound didn’t help. The aftermath is not so pretty. It look like someone took a cheese grater to the top of my toes. Motherbleeping ouch.

Favorite stuff from the internet this week:

And finally, a plea to my local new stations. Can one of y’all please hire this dude? Please and thank you.

(Video is here in case it doesn’t post. WordPress has been totally wonky with videos for me lately).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. That picture is awesome. Have a great weekend, Meredith!!

  2. Thanks for pimping the blog, Meredith. Loving the exchange between you and your husband (/dog?) and the creepy-cool tree stump: it looks so tentacle-y. Hope you have a cheese grater free weekend!

  3. Karen Strong says:

    Ha, ha about you and hubby dog thoughts. Too funny. 🙂 And thanks for the link to Sophia Richardson’s blog post. That was a good one.

    Have a FABULOUS weekend.

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