Friday Faves — February 17

This post is brought to you by the letters F, A, I and L.

Favorite blog posts I read this week: I swear I had like half a dozen things starred in Google Reader, but now only one of them is coming up. FAIL. The one that was salvaged is a good one though. Chuck Wendig on 25 Things You Should Know About Protagonists. And if you’re not yet following Chuck’s 25 Things series, you should.

Favorite other thing I read this week: Yep, still reading the same book I’ve been reading for two weeks. I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this section. FAIL.

Favorite picture of the week (aka Project 365 entry): Yep. Another category, another FAIL. I took a handful of pictures but don’t like any of them. But in the spirit of not being totally worthless with the roundup this week, here’s my favorite picture I think I’ve ever taken.

Favorite moment of the week: Finding $20 at the bottom of a purse I haven’t carried in forever.

Least favorite moment of the week: Spending that $20 on a bottle of wine from a gas station that I could have bought for like $8 at the grocery store if only I wasn’t too lazy to make another stop. That gets a FAIL.

Favorite stuff from the internet this week:

Super Mario villain recruitment posters.


Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Susan says:

    1) I too haven’t finished a book in ages. AGES. The books on my Goodreads page have been up there >1 month. It. Is. Terrible.


    3)OMG. The Mario recruiting–I want it on my wall. The “Plant A Victory Garden” is AMAZING.

    4) HAHAHAHA the trilogies poster is so, SO true. Especially the one about THE MATRIX.

    • Meredith says:

      There is some weird book-slacking-on virus going around and it is mighty contagious. My goal is to finish this book by the end of the day and move on to something light and easy to get me back in the mood. But man, ugh. I feel so lazy.

      The victory garden poster is my favorite too. I literally LOL’d at that one. 😀

  2. Holly says:

    Aww, I love the picture! And I love the Ira Glass quote too.

  3. I’m having problems finishing books this month too. Is it possible to have a reading hangover? If yes, that is me.

  4. The Lord of the Rings trilogies should be all completely full, gosh darn it, those films were flawless *shakes fist like an angry old man*

    Spending the $20 on cheap wine is okay, it was *found* money, that means it doesn’t count. Like when I returned a pair of shoes and then bought two more, I really only bought one pair. True fax.

  5. That photo is so cute!

  6. Karen Strong says:

    LOVE the trilogy meter. I feel that we must be related somehow…like distant cousins — we love so many of the same things.

    And that pic? So CUTE.

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