Friday Faves — February 3

Holy blink of an eye. Has it been two weeks since I last dusted off this here ‘ole blog? Wow. I know saying I’m busy sounds like a cop out, but seriously? So busy. It seems like every waking second that doesn’t involve a toddler involves revision and more revision and even more revision. So … yeah. That’s where I’ve been. On to a very condensed version of the faves!

Favorite blog posts I read this week (and last week): This post from Adventures in YA and Children’s Publishing on using visual details to strengthen your writing. And I also really liked this post from writer Sophia Richardson on sex in YA and double standards. And finally, this post by author Stasia Ward Kehoe points out something mighty interesting about the covers of the ALA-award winning books. No wait, one more! I found this post from writer Karen Strong about the writer’s dream to be incredibly inspiring.

Favorite other blog post I read this week that has nothing to do with writing: So this is old. By over a year. But it’s so powerful that the date doesn’t really matter. Here’s one mom’s open letter to her son, about bullying, about how WE can stop it, about how there’s nothing wrong with being yourself. I cried. I’ll be honest.

Favorite picture of the week: My husband is teaching my two-year-old daughter to golf. ‘Nuf said.

Favorite thing that made me laugh this week: Also self-explanatory.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Karen Strong says:

    Okay, the Cat Facts was funny. Love the golf pic. I printed out the Adventures in YA post — it was really good, I printed it out. And thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Meredith, I’m glad you liked my post. That ALA-award winning books cover *is* interesting: it says something about what we subconsciously consider serious. Also, your daughter’s hands looks so itty bitty compared to her dad’s, that’s so cute!

  3. Cat facts- funny! I have two little naughty ones at home. Great post.

  4. Thanks for the links!

    That picture of your hubby and daughter is adorable. I never think to crop out heads (feels so wrong!) but it totally works with that image. Good work, lady!

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