THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN is available for preorder! Also, author photos! And general updates!

So there I was, trolling Amazon on Sunday night while I was supposed to be revising, and I decided to type THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN into the search bar to see what happened. And then I got a hit. I reacted very much like this.

Because OMG, THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN is available for preorder!!! You can do so here if you’re so inclined.

Next item of news is that I got new author photos taken. If you recall, I got my initial pictures (which are still floating around on this website) taken when I was seven months pregnant. This was not the smartest idea I’ve had because I’ve heard over and over and over again that they don’t really look like me. So I sent off a frantic email to my editor, asking if I had time to retake them, and the good folks at Skyscape graciously agreed. So I did, and here’s my new photo, once again taken by my crazy talented photographer friend Stacey Brandon.

Meredith McCardle headshot

Other things that are keeping me crazy busy:

  • A website redesign. To WordPress or to Squarespace? To hire a designer or attempt it myself? To keep a blog as is or move to Tumblr? These are the questions that keep me up at night.
  • A full-scale revision of Annum Guard book 2. You guys. YOU GUYS. Writing book 2 is perhaps the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ll be able to talk about it more in the future, but suffice it to say this book has caused me SERE-training levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Life with two young kids. When I was pregnant with Baby Dos, I really honestly thought I’d still have a lot of free time to write and keep up a website and stay active on social media and HAHAHAHA. I was delusional. I take a shower every day, and that’s like my biggest accomplishment.

What’s been keeping you busy these days? 

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  1. LOVE the photo, Meredith! Simply beautiful! I know only too well that as great as you CAN feel when 7 months pregnant, a photo from that time period is not going to be the one you want as an author pic. Hmmm, I can offer no insight on wordpress vs. squarespace… the only thing I can say is that Tumblr is great, but different– it seems much better for sharing images to me than text. I have a few and love them… I think a tumblr as a link on a website is a smart choice.
    I am wondering about post-baby life, too. My boys are just at the age where they are able to be self-sufficient and entertain themselves. I worry that I’m about to trade all that in for the wild world of baby. Yikes!
    Good luck with the rewrites!

    • Meredith says:

      I was just talking about this with my photographer while we were shooting. When you’re pregnant, you get this huge boost of confidence, a “Damn straight, I look good!” But then when you look back at the pictures months later, you realize, no, no I really didn’t look that good. 😛 I’m so excited for you and your new baby! It’s an adjustment to settle back into the newborn stage for sure, but it’s all worth it (as you know)!

      Thanks for the tumblr advice. I think that’s the direction I’m heading!

  2. You look so pretty in your new photo!

    I’m a big fan of WordPress but I’ve been using Squarespace a bit for YA Buccaneers. It’s a little harder to figure out but seems nice!

    Yay for your book being on Amazon!! Off to preorder. 🙂

    • Meredith says:

      Thank you and THANK YOU!!

      I’ve only barely scratched the surface with Squarespace. I played around with it one afternoon until it got a little complicated, and then I just gave up. As soon as I’m done with my revisions, I’m going to dive in and see how it goes. We shall see….

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